Transmission Services: The Benefits of a Transmission Flush

automatic transmission flush Terrace - gear stick for automatic car

Planning on taking your car in for an oil change? Well, don’t forget about your transmission fluid. The transmission is the power transfer of your ride. So, if you want to keep your vehicle operating in peak performance, you’ll need regular transmission services from the pros in Terrace. Still not convinced? Here are the top benefits of a transmission flush.

Stops transmission problems

Gunk and sludge can wreak havoc on a transmission, causing a host of potentially costly damages. When you take your car in for some transmission services, you can rest easy knowing the fluid is free of contaminates and dirt. Want to stop transmission problems before they’ve had a chance to start? If you’re looking to prevent a blown transmission, take your vehicle in for a transmission flush ASAP.

Boosts engine efficiency

A transmission that is running well means less wear and tear on your engine. Bottom line? Regular transmission flushes will not only give you better engine performance, but also increase fuel efficiency, saving you big-time at the pump. Give your vehicle the transmission TLC it deserves with regular transmission services in Terrace.

Increases transmission lifespan

You want your transmission to last a long, long time. But neglecting it can shorten the lifespan, forcing you to replace your transmission before its time. By keeping up with transmission maintenance, you help keep your transmission in tip-top shape for many years to come. To ensure your transmission lasts throughout the life of your vehicle, bring your ride in for some transmission services.

Saves money

Speaking about savings, getting your transmission fluid regularly changed can go a long way to saving you some major money down the road. A poorly lubricated transmission can overheat, resulting in a complete shut down. And when that happens, it is going to cost you a small fortune to replace it.

Don’t ignore your transmission. With regular transmission services in Terrace, you prevent repairs or replacement, save money, and extend the life of your pride and joy, keeping you motoring along, problem-free for a long time.

If it’s been a while since your last transmission flush, what are you waiting for? At the Great Canadian Oil Change in Terrace, we provide unrivaled automatic transmission flush and total fluid replacement services, using only the best quality fluids in the industry today.

For reliable, fast, and affordable transmission services in Terrace, drop by the Great Canadian Oil Change today!