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Driving Conditions in Terrace can be tough.  Many drivers put in long miles in the Highway and our winters can be rough.  To get your vehicle ready for the road, Great Canadian Oil Change Terrace provides professional auto maintenance services that are cost-effective and efficient. Although we’re best known for our 10 minute oil change, we also provide drive thru services for:

Warranty approved products:

Automotive technology has come a long way over the years. As a result, the performance needs of modern vehicles have become far more advanced. For the most optimal vehicle performance, we only use warranty-approved products including:

Valvoline SynPower
Castrol Syntec
Quaker State
Shell Rotella
Chevron Delo

If your vehicle needs servicing, come to Great Canadian Oil Change Terrace. We’re proud to be part of a franchise that has earned a reputation for price and quality leadership for more than 25 years.

We offer other brands including:

Mobil, Rotella, and Total in conventional, high-mileage, semi-synthetic and high performance full synthetic oils.

We accept the following fleet cards:


ARI Fleet cards for oil changes in TerraceElement fleet cards accepted at Great Canadian Oil Change in Terrace

Our Additional Services Include:

Air, Cabin & Fuel Filters

It is important for your vehicles fuel economy and overall health to have your filter changed at the manufactures specified intervals. We carry Air Filters for every make and model of vehicle.  We also carry Cabin Air Filters for every make and model of vehicle.  Fuel Filters: We carry all gas and diesel fuel filters for your specific make and model of vehicle. Most manufacturers recommend having the filter changed every 24,000 km or once a year.

Radiator Flush and Coolant Replacement

We test your coolant’s pH. This simple but highly accurate test determines whether your coolant remains serviceable. We offer Standard 2 Year (Green) Coolant and Heavy Duty 5 Year Coolant. Using the industries latest technology we flush the complete cooling system of the old coolant and replace with the highest quality, new coolant supplied by Vancouver Island’s Pacific Rim Coolant.

Diesel engines have special requirements so we provide special testing to ensure your Diesel engine is properly maintained.

Automatic Transmission Flush and Total Fluid Replacement

We stock many Original Equipment Manufacturer Automation Transmission Fluids (ATF) in addition to Valvoline MaxlifeSYNTHETIC ATF. Many of our competitors use an inferior ATF then add a friction modifier to “make the fluid meet your vehicle’s specs”. We believe this is a low quality, inferior alternative that we do not offer. We use ONLY the BEST QUALITY FLUIDS that meet or exceed your manufacturer’s specifications!

Complete Drive Line Fluid Services: We offer a full selection of conventional and Synthetic fluid options for differentials, transfer cases manual transmissions, and manual trans-axles. We have the correct fluid for your drive-line!

Power Steering Flush: We stock the highest quality Valvoline Power Steering fluids and conditioners that meet your vehicle’s requirements.

Windshield Wipers: We stock a broad selection of replacement wiper blades and if you have ever tried to change them yourself you know it can be pretty tricky.

Valvoline synpower oil products at Great Canadian Oil Change in Terrace

Shell oil products at Great Canadian Oil Change in Terrace

Quaker State oil products at Great Canadian Oil Change in Terrace

Pennzoil products at Great Canadian Oil Change in Terrace

Syntec oil products at Great Canadian Oil Change in Terrace

Chevron Delo oil products at Great Canadian Oil Change in Terrace


To ensure that each customer is getting the most comprehensive service possible, we provide a 23-point visual inspection with each appointment.

Great Canadian Oil Change Logo with the warranty approved stamp

This Includes:

Air filter
Serpentine belt
Engine coolant level
Transaxle fluid levels
Power steering fluid
Windshield washer fluid
Differential fluid level (front)
Differential fluid level (rear)
Brake fluid
Transmission fluid
Wiper blades
PCV valve
PCV filter
Check fluid leaks
Transfer case fluid level
Axle boots
Battery test
Fuel filter

10-minute oil change, we take pride in knowing that price and service isn’t compromised for efficiency. Over the years, the services at Great Canadian Oil Change have come to include maintenance for all vehicle fluids. From radiator anti-freeze to brake fluid, washer fluids and more, we only use warranty-approved products for optimal vehicle performance. We also have a touchless car wash to get your vehicle looking as good as new! For quick and professional car oil change services, come to Great Canadian Oil Change Terrace.



When you drive your vehicle, your oil degrades as it burns off and helps reduce sediments from collecting on the engine. To protect your engine and ensure that it works efficiently, a regular oil change is a crucial part of automotive maintenance. With drive-thru oil changes from Great Canadian Oil Change Terrace, we can perform work on your vehicle in as little as 10 minutes. From conventional to high mileage and synthetic oil changes, we only use warranty-approved products for our services. We’ll also perform a complimentary 23-point visual inspection to ensure your vehicle leaves our shop ready for the road.