Synthetic Oil Change vs. Regular Oil Change

If the engine is the heart of your car, then the oil is its lifeblood. If you want to keep your ride in peak performance, absorb excess heat, and boost engine mileage, fresh, clean lubricant is a must. But in the world of oil changes, it is going to come down to two choices—synthetic or conventional. Not sure which oil is right for your engine? Read on to learn about a regular vs. a synthetic oil change.


All motor oils are designed to lubricate the engine’s moving parts. But when it comes to maximum lubricating abilities, synthetic oil simply can’t be beat. The added lubricants will not only help to keep your engine slick longer, but also minimize wear and tear.


Oils are all about viscosity (thickness). Without the proper thickness, the oil won’t stick properly to the moving parts, causing wear that can compromise your engine. Going with a synthetic option ensures you get the proper viscosity, allowing for better oil stability and engine performance.

Heat protection

Engines get hot—super hot. If you don’t have an oil that can stand up to extreme high temperatures, thermal breakdown in the lubricant can happen. Conventional oil can’t hold a candle to synthetic when it comes to the ability to handle the heat. Synthetic products are made with tougher properties that will protect your engine longer without breaking down.

Clean engine

When conventional oil breaks down, it leaves behind deposits on the engine components. Over time, debris can cook onto the parts, creating a sludgy, encrusted mess. Synthetic oil burns cleaner than the conventional varieties making it far less likely to cake on deposits.


When it comes to price, synthetic oil is more expensive. But because conventional oil breaks down faster, it will need to be replaced more often than synthetic brands. Plus, if you are a high-mileage motorist, synthetic oil is the better choice that will last longer and save you more on oil changes down the road.

Before you decide on the oil you plan to use, check your vehicle’s manual first. The manufacturer may offer recommendations or requirements. Failure to follow the specific oil conditions may result in loss of warranty coverage in the event of engine damage.

Synthetic Oil vs. Regular Oil?

If you are after enhanced performance and longer life, a synthetic oil change is worth the premium. But if you are not sure which oil is right for your ride, drop by Great Canadian Oil Change in Terrace. Our professionals will top up your engine with the right, warranty-approved products, ensuring your engine is running smoothly.
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