Taking Advantage of An Automatic Car Wash in Terrace

Cars get dirty. And when yours does, do you wash it by hand? If you think you’re doing your vehicle a favour by choosing manual car wash methods, you could be in for a huge surprise. When your ride is covered in grime, flattened bugs, and a thick layer of dust, take advantage of touchless cleaning technology. Read on to learn why an automatic car wash in Terrace is the smart choice for your vehicle. 

Less Water Consumptioncarwash in terrace with touchless automatic car wash from Great Canadian oil change

We all want to be more environmentally conscious. But washing your car by hand can waste water—a lot of water. Believe it or not, a single hand car wash requires a shocking 570 litres of water. 

Taking your car to Great Canadian Oil Change will go a long way to conserving resources. Our touchless, automatic car wash in Terrace will thoroughly clean your vehicle without all the water waste that comes with hand washing. 

Less wastewater runoff

When you wash your car by hand, all that water needs to go somewhere, right? Unfortunately, the water—and the cleaning agents—goes down the sewers or seeps into the ground, contaminating the soil and the water supply. 

With our automatic car wash solution, you can feel good knowing that the dirty water is reclaimed, cleaned, and reused, putting an end to wastewater runoff.  

Zero scratches

You love your car. The last thing you want to do is scratch the paint. But that is exactly what happens when you wash it by hand. The sponges and brushes you use can create unsightly scratches and marks, ruining your paint and the look of your car. 

With Great Canadian Oil Change, you will never have to worry about scratches from washing. Our automatic car wash in Terrace will leave your vehicle looking like new without ever damaging the paint.  

Provide a better clean

No matter how detailed you might be, nooks and crannies are going to get missed when you wash your car by hand. Not so with a touchless car wash system. 

When you want a superior clean, bring your vehicle to Great Canadian Oil Change. Our state-of-the-art fully automatic car washing technology delivers results you simply can’t get with hand washing. 

Everybody wants a super clean ride. Make sure yours is with our ultra-advanced automatic car wash in Terrace. With our touchless car wash, you can save time, money, and the environment without ever having to lift a finger. 

For a quality clean that is second to none, drop on by Great Canadian Oil Change in Terrace. 

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