What Happens If You Don’t Get an Oil Change in Terrace

Forgot to change your oil? Life gets in the way sometimes, forcing you to push regular car care down your to-do list. While letting the occasional oil change slide a little longer than suggested is not the end of the world, neglecting to do it altogether can have serious consequences on your vehicle and your wallet. Here is what can happen if you don’t get a regular oil change in Terrace.

Build-up of dirt and debris

As oil moves through your engine, it causes dirt, metal particles, and grime to accumulate. Over time, the oil turns abrasive, creating filter blockage and engine wear.

Whether you need an oil change with conventional, high mileage, or full synthetic oil, our team in Terrace will ensure your engine is clean and running smoothly.

Viscosity breakdown

Motor oil is made with additives that help reduce friction in your engine. If you wait too long to get an oil change, the oil breaks down, becoming thinner and unable to properly lubricate the moving components.

When you need your lubricant working at peak performance, bring your vehicle in for quality, warranty-approved engine oil at Terrace’s Great Canadian Oil Change.

Poorer gas mileage

Did you know that forgetting to change your oil could result in poorer gas mileage? Contaminated, dirty oil can force the engine to work harder, causing greater wear and higher friction, resulting in an increase in fuel consumption.

Taking your vehicle into our Terrace franchise will help your engine run more economically—and that can mean big savings at the pump.

Complete engine failure

Ignoring oil changes altogether can cost you an engine. With nothing to prevent friction, the metal-on-metal contact of your engine’s moving parts will seize up, leading to irreparable damage. If that happens, you will need to replace the entire engine or buy a new car.

Great canadian oil change terrrace team

Why put your engine at risk? In as little as 10 minutes, the professionals at Great Canadian

Oil Change in Terrace provide fast, affordable, and quality oil changes to prevent engine seizures.

Don’t let dirty, slimy oil get in the way of high performance. Getting a regular oil change is the easiest and cheapest way to keep your engine in tip-top shape.

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